NEMA 23 Stepper Motor Cover

Provides a neat, tidy connection for your stepper motors.
Manufacturer: DY Engineering


Back Cover Kit for NEMA23 Square Frame Stepper Motor.

A neat solution to cover the stepper motor back side providing connector interface, motor wiring protection, and rear shaft (if applicable) protection. Provides an aesthetic solution to a common problem while offering a connector interface for easy maintenance and setup process. It is that finishing touch for a professional looking machine


  • Quality made of a durable plastic
  • Easily mounts using the motor's existing screw holes (see the installation guide for more info)
  • Provides IP40 protection
  • Suitable for both motors with or without rear shaft
  • Incorporates a sleeve protecting the rear shaft of a motor from interfering with the wiring
  • Comes with pre-drilled center marks for fast and easy drilling of the mounting holes to suit the motor

Each IP40 kit with connector contains 1 motor cover, 4 M3x25 mounting screws, 1-panel mount 4-pin or 6-pin connector and 1 mating cable end 4-pin or-pin connector. IP65 and IP40 covers come with no connector and the covers are not predrilled for a connector, the IP65 covers include the O-ring gasket, you must use a gland nut or sealed connector to maintain IP65 rating.

NOTE: These covers DO NOT fit 60mm square frame steppers, which are sold by some dealers as "NEMA23" size. A true NEMA23 should be about 57mm square.


You can download the installation instructions here.

You can download the sizing guide here.

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