Tooling for lathes and mills

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Fractional (inch) Drill Bits

Fractional (Inch) Drill Bits

Metric Drill Bits 2.00mm-3.95mm

Metric Drill Bits, 2.00mm-3.95mm

PreciseBits CM204 Tapered Carving Bit

A great choice for such applications as dimensional signage, precision 3D carving...

PreciseBits EM2E8/EM3E8 Tapered Stub Mill

- Tapered-stub PCB milling Tools Outperforms V-tip Engravers

PreciseBits MH2I8 Horn Bit

Uniquely designed for the cutting of inlay and intarsia components from antler, horn, tusk, phenolic, and stabilized mineral products

PreciseBits MN408 ball Endmill

PreciseBits 4-Flute Ball Endmill for metal cutting