MOS8701 Clock Generator Replacement Kit

All the parts you need to build your own MOS8701 replacement chip
Manufacturer: Soigeneris
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We set out to design a drop in replacement for the MOS8701 clock chip used on the C64 and C128. The goal was a replacement that just drops in and works and will fit in the tight confines of a C128. The result meets those goals. It senses the state of the /PAL input and set the clock chip to the proper mode for an NTSC or PAL computer. i.e. to match your crystal frequency. It does not convert a NTSC to PAL computer or vice versa.

This kit requires surface mount soldering of components as small as 0603 package size. You will also need to build a soldering fixture out of some single sided perf board. Please watch the video in the video tab which covers construction.

NOTE: We are also offering assembled and tested boards. These are hand assembled and it might take a few days to get your board done, please be patient.

What is in the kit?

Description Quantity
PCB, 1.6mm FR4, HASL 1
ICS-525 clock chip 1
33ohm resistor, 0603 2
10K resistor, 0603 1
0.1uf capacitor, 0603 2
Single gate inverter, SOT23 1
Pre formed 'Z-bent' pin set 2


Instruction Manual

Simple instruction manual describing how to build the kit and how to use the device.

Click HERE for manual



This video should start playing from the section on how to build the kit. If you are interested in how it was developed watch from the beginning of the video.

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