Rubber Feet, round 0.5" diameter

Rubber feet for vintage equipment...
Manufacturer: Soigeneris

While refurbishing vintage gear one thing you notice is that the rubber feet are either missing or have turned into a gummy mess. We were in need of a number of feet for bread bin Commodore 64s and a few Wico Command control joysticks and were happy to discover they used the same style feet!

We bought a large number of them and are putting the excess here on the website for other vintage equipment enthusiast.  

They are about ½” in diameter and 1/8” tall with slightly sloping sides. The rubber material is slightly grippy, so you don’t have to worry about your device sliding around with normal use. They also have a self-adhesive back so just remove your old rubber feet, clean any residue off and apply the new rubber feet.

So far, we know they perfectly fit the Wico Command Control joysticks and the Commodore 64 bread bin.

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