Relay Kit 48V

High quality, easy to mount and use relay kits.
Manufacturer: Soigeneris

NOTE: These relays are not eligible for USPS Fixed Rate International Shipping due to their size.

Are you tired of looking for a 48V relay for the Gecko G540 and other higher voltage systems. We were too and then we found this great little panel mount relay. It has 30A contacts with a 48VDC coil. The connections are made by spade style quick connects (0.187" for the coil and 0.25" for the contacts.) It also has mounting flanges which makes it very easy to mount just about anywhere. This relay works great for turning on things like spindle motors and coolant pumps.

The relay kit includes one relay with your choice of coil voltage, four quick connect terminals and a diode for the coil.

Note: You need to place a reverse polarized diode in parallel with the coil of any DC relay. This prevents the voltage spike that occurs when the relay turns off from damaging the driver. According to Gecko, a diode is not needed for the two built-in outputs on the G540 as it is built into the driver.

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