New tactic against spam bots - new accounts need to be approved and managed challanges

Monday, March 4, 2024

Spam bots keep getting smarter and we have to go through new accounts on a regular basis to weed them out. In an effort to combat this we are relaying on the most reliable method there is: human intervention. New accounts will need to be approved by the administrator before they will be enabled. We are sorry for the inconvenience this causes but it will hopefully be a net benefit for all in the long run.

In addition when signing up for a new account, using the 'contact us' form and various other things a 'managed challange' has been implemented. The firewall server intervenes and tries to automatically determine if a spam bot is being used. This only takes a few seconds and eliminates the need to block access based on certain keywords that hackers are fond of. You'll seen your screen flash up a message and then the requeted page is loaded. 

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6/10/2024 10:17 AM
New customer

I like your menu.